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GEOGLAM-SIGMA side event @ GEO-XIII Plenary

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During the GEO-XIII Pleray meeting, organized in St Petersburg, Russian Federation, from 7-10 November 2016. SIGMA in coordination with GEOGLAM organized a side event on the 8th of November focused on Capacity Development for Stimulating Innovation in Global Monitoring of Agriculture: from research to operations.

Download the agenda here.

Sven Gilliams presented the overall SIGMA approach focusing on the SIGMA Capacity building Modules.
The SIGMA validation tool was presented in a dedicated session by Steffen Fritz from IIASA and the SIGMA analysis tool the VEGA-GEOGLAM system was presented and demonstrated to the Russian Academy of Sciences – Space Research Institute (IKI)


Geowiki, VEGA-GEOGLAM and the SIGMA overall approach were also presented in the EU booth during the plenary meeting.