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Feedback third SIGMA Planning Meeting

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As for the previous two editions the Work Package leads were present. Goal of the meeting is to discuss the progress and the planning in the different WP’s. 
Throughout the day all participants presented their work starting of with the data coordination activity and ending with capacity building and planning of the SIGMA workshops. Unfortunately nobody of FAO could be present in the meeting but the capacity building discussion was lead by the WP6 co-lead ITC.
The main aspect for discussion for data coordination was the Alterra – VITO developed STAC-database (fig).

A lot of weather data and some data from the SIGMA sites is already included but more effort is needed to include more field data to populate the database and as such also attrackt interest outside the SIGMA consortium.  The STAC database was also already presented during the US-GEOGLAM meeting in Aimes, Iowa and during the 10th Geo European workshop in Berlin were it was wel received. It is clear that also outside of the agricultural domain there is a need for a system to share fielddata across sites and projects.
For the land cover and crop land assessment the results for the Global Agro-Ecological Stratification (GAES) were discussed and how they are integrated in the Global cropland map along with the results of the cross site experiment and the set up of new cross site experiments.
The global validation effort for cropland mapping was also discussed.
In the afternoon the SIGMA WP leads further discussed global trend analysis, cross site experiments on yield estimation and yield gap analsysis (fig)

Afterwards the environmental impacts of the changes in and the intensification of agriculture were presented based on the results and calculations of the GLOBIOM model.
Finaly all this information needs to flow into the SIGMA capacity building. An overview of the existing material was given focusing on the agricultural statistics work.  Planning for this work included a discussion on the Workshops. A first training was provided in RCMD Kenya and onother is planned for the SIGMA annual meeting in Kiev (10-15 octobre 2016). The potential for a workshop during the Geo Plenary Meeting in St Peterburg, Russia was also discussed.
In short SIGMA is moving full speed in its final year with some nice results and interactions with GEOGLAM.