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SIGMA @ the AGU Fall Meeting 2014

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​Today, SIGMA will be present at the AGU Fall Meeting in San Fransisco, USA.
VITO, project coordinator of SIGMA, will give a presentation during the biogeosciences session on SIGMA’s 3 generic objectives:

  • Develop and test methods to characterize cropland and assess its changes at various scales
  • Develop and test methods to assess changes in agricultural production levels
  • Study environmental impacts of agriculture
Firstly, multi-scale remote sensing data sets, in combination with field and other ancillary data, are used to generate an improved (global) agro-ecological zoning map and crop mask. Secondly, a combination of agro-meteorological models, satellite-based information and long-term time series are be explored to better assess crop yield gaps and shifts in cultivation. The third research topic entails the development of best practices for assessing the impact of crop land and cropping system change on the environment.
In support of the GEO JECAM (Joint Experiment for Crop Assessment and Monitoring) initiative, case studies in Ukraine, Russia, Europe, Africa, Latin America and China are carried out in order to explore possible methodological synergies and particularities according to different cropping systems.
During the presentation, which will be given by Sven Gilliams (VITO), an overview on the progress of the three topics mentioned above will be presented.
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SIGMA has also actively contributed in the PROBA-V 100 m study that has been set up to explore the use of  the PROBA-V 100 m data. SIGMA partners have been looking at the use of this 100 m data for agricultural monitoring. Results of this study have also been presented during a poster session at the AGU Fall Meeting. The PROBA-V 100 m data be added to the product catalogue in the first quarter of 2015.
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About SIGMA:
The SIGMA project (Stimulating Innovation for Global Monitoring of Agriculture) is funded through the EC FPY7 Research programme with the particular aim to contribute to the GEOGLAM Research Agenda. It is a partnership of globally distributed expert organizations, focusses on developing innovative techniques and datasets in support of agricultural monitoring and its impact on the environment in support of GEOGLAM.
About PROBA-V:
PROBA-V is a small satellite for global vegetation monitoring and delivers 1 km and 300 m images of our Earth’s surface every day. From its design and within the GIO-Global Land component a lot of work has been done to ensure the integration of the PROBA-V data with the 15 years historical archive of SPOT-VEGETATION. In this respect PROBA-V observation will be intercomparable with the SPOT-VGT historical baseline which will ensure the continuation of the standard agricultural monitoring products. Next to this integration with the historical archive, PROBA-V also ensures an increase in spatial resolution of the data sets, from 1 km to 300 m and even 100 m (with some loss in the temporal domain). More information about PROBA-V can be found at