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Agrometeorological bulletin of September 2014 online available!

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The analyses show that the persistent rain we had in July and especially in August has had a big influence on the harvest of the winter wheat. The relatively cold temperatures in August slightly reduced the growth of the  summer crops, but this doesn’t change the fact that the crops are still growing faster than in an ‘average’ year. The expected yield of corn, potatoes and sugar beets is still higher than average.
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The analyses of the crop conditions based on satellite information show that we have had a very good growing season.  
The agrometeorological bulletin has been disseminated monthly since April 2002 and during all of the agricultural season. A monthly meteorological situation is firstly described (KMI and ULg, followed by an analysis of crop conditions based on satellite information (VITO). Afterwards results of field observations describing the cultural phonological stages are given and finally yield predictions are put forward (CRA-w). The bulletin focusses on the six crops: winter wheat, fodder maize, winter barley, sugar beet, winter rape seed and potato Bintje. The complete bulletin is online available in Dutch and French.