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Help us map global agricultural field sizes and win up to €650 and co-authorship!

The Geo-Wiki team at IIASA is pleased to announce the launch of our new citizen science Field Size Campaign! We need your help to map the size of agricultural lands across our planet. Mapping field sizes provides key insights on many agricultural themes, including farming practices and their connections with nutritional diversity. Field size mapping also provides information about the appropriate resolution of satellite images for monitoring crops. Your participation in this campaign will contribute to global agricultural monitoring to help tackle food security challenges. Plus, you can win great prizes of up to €650 and co-authorship!
Fields in Kenya (Image CNES/Airbus ©2017, Google Earth Pro)
The focus of this Campaign is to collect detailed information on agricultural field sizes for over 100,000 locations globally, to create an improved global field size map. The top 25 participants who contribute the most data (measured by quality and quantity) will be offered a chance to become a co-author on a scientific paper summarizing and making openly available the information collected. Alternatively, these contributors have the option to receive an Amazon voucher ranging in value from 25 to 650 Euros. The top 10 contributors will have the possibility to choose a combination prize that includes both co-authorship and an Amazon voucher. All active contributors will earn a Certificate of Achievement from IIASA, a leading global think tank. For more details, click on the “Prizes” tab here.
Join our Field Size Campaign!
To participate, login (or register if you are new to Geo-Wiki) at the top right corner of our Field Size Campaign page. Then, click ‘’Enter Application’’ on the right, and select ‘’SIGMA – Field Size’’ from the drop-down box on the left (Geo-Wiki will remember your settings and take you directly to the Field Size application next time). You will be taken through a Quick Start Guide the first time you enter the application. You can access this guide, as well as many other helpful resources, from the main interface at any time during the campaign.
Join the campaign to become a citizen scientist and help us meet our goal!
Watch the introductory video or visit the GEO Wiki website.
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